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Local conditions are the main factor for sustainable economic development of municipalities

December 15, 2023 admin

On 11.12.2023, the final event was held in Sofia under project: No. BGLD-1.002-0001 "Growth through activation of local potential - GALOP" under the program "Local development, poverty reduction and improved inclusion of vulnerable groups", financed by FM of the EEA 2014-2021. Read more ...

Fostering real opportunities and potential is the key to lasting success and sustainable local development

October 12, 2023 admin

In Veliko Tarnovo, a seminar was held for the exchange of experience on the project "Growth through the activation of local potential - GALOP", which NSORB implements in partnership with the Association of Local and Regional Authorities of the Kingdom of Norway. The project is financed under the "Local Read more ...