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Call for Proposals for Local Economic Development Concepts under the Growth by Activating Local Potential project funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism

NAMRB and the Norwegian Association of Local Authorities announce invitation for selection of concepts for local economic development in connection with the implementation of our joint project Gallop - Growing by Activating Local Potential.

Each municipality can apply with only one invitation concept - individually or jointly with other municipalities, the concept should cover a target area of ​​no more than 10 inhabitants. For your concept to be successful, it must:

  • has the support of local civil society structures and / or business organizations;
  • envisages activities for developing the untapped potential of the target area (natural, cultural, tourist, social, economic or geographical, including the available technical infrastructure);
  • creates employment and economic development and provides for measures to ensure sustainability beyond the end of project funding.

Based on the selected concepts with project financing, local development strategies and business plans for their actual implementation will be developed. NAMRB will support the municipalities included in the concepts for the preparation of specific projects that will be able to apply for funding under the small grant scheme of the Program "Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Improved Involvement of Vulnerable Groups". Municipalities with approved concepts will be included at a later stage in the study visits to the Kingdom of Norway in order to get acquainted with the good practices of the Norwegian partners in the GALOP project.

The requirements for the concepts and criteria for their evaluation are in line with the objectives of the funding program - support for small settlements and vulnerable population groups through job creation and mobilization of the local community and development potential.

You can find the application guidelines for the invitation HERE.

You can ask questions about the invitation at email addresses: и

Application deadline is June 15, 2020. Currently, in a state of emergency and pandemic, municipalities are still called upon to take care of vulnerable citizens by mobilizing the local community and their own resources. Today's efforts can thus serve as a basis for planning our future sustainable development. We believe that based on our extensive experience and local resources, Bulgarian municipalities will offer valuable ideas and quality concepts!


Statistical information on the assessment of eligibility requirements and selection criteria

Applicants' questions and answers regarding the Call for Proposals for Local Economic Development Concepts under the GALOP project