Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Draft generic development models capturing GALOP experience

Five generic development models were prepared under GALOP to capture the process for the design of the XNUMX pilot strategies: how to identify and assess local potential; to mobilize partners; to focus strategic planning; to plan for organizational sustainability, economic and financial feasibility. They also give an overview of the national legal and financial support framework. The models cover development based on natural heritage assets, cultural assets, economic/industrial potential, social services and entrepreneurship, and on organic farming. The models may serve as guidelines and would provide the backstage for the study trips and subsequent national events on good practice transfer and dissemination, where Bulgarian practice under GALOP and Norwegian best practices and experience will take centre stage.

The pilot strategies and standard models developed under the project were presented and discussed at the largest forum of NAMRB - the Annual Meeting of Local Authorities, September 19-21, 2021, kk. Albena - with the participation of over 300 representatives from the municipalities.

The models are available at:

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