Saturday, 02 March, 2024

Current implementation


We are collecting successful municipal examples for the development of small settlements.

Get involved with good practice in the implementation of the GALOP - Growth by Activating Local Potential project of the NAMRB funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism!

NAMRB collects information on successful municipal initiatives related to the development of small settlements. We believe that each of our municipalities has successes that should serve as an example!

Together with the Norwegian Association of Local Authorities, we launched the implementation of the GALOP project, which aims at identifying existing local assets and potential for socio-economic development, upgrading and utilization.

Based on the analysis of the best practices collected and the identified local assets, the municipalities responding to this call will be able to apply for the subsequent financing of a local economic development concept with the full financial support of the project.

These municipalities will be involved in intensive expert and management exchanges with Norwegian local authorities and in study visits to Norway.

Therefore, we ask that you complete the applications short form and send it to us at: up to 30.09.2019 For questions related to the preparation of the form or the implementation of the GALOP project, please contact Simeon Petkov, e-mail:, 02 94 34 467 or 0899 923 772.

Project № BGLD-1.002-0001 “Growth by activating local potential - GALOP"